Driver Cad 4.5

The latest version of DRIVER CAD (supplementary module for FP CAM and CAMPLUS) is now available.
DRIVER CAD 4.5 is an essential tool for users who wish to connect a machining centre to a commercial 3D CAD program (Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, etc.).
Data are transferred directly from the computer to the machine, without the need for re-input. The project is immediately converted into a pieces list, with machining operations, ready to be managed by the machining centre.

Release 4.5 incorporates a number of valuable functions suggested by users:
- Possibility to load entire structures (such as a facade module).
- Automatic profile recognition and support.
- Improved level of machining operation recognition (end trim cutting).
Programming times reduced to a minimum. Elimination of errors.
DRIVER CAD 4.5 is not just an investment, it's a guarantee.

Write to software@emmegisoft.com to request an online presentation.