New Technical Printouts For FP PRO 9.0

FP PRO 9.0 offers completely redesigned technical printouts in terms of both graphics and contents. The page layout has been revised after consulting professional graphic designers in order to isolate individual areas of interest immediately on initial screening of the information. On the basis of user feedback we've also extended the range of printing types and added several configuration options. 

FP PRO 9.0 offers three new print models:
1) fabrication (with list of materials by item);
2) installation control;
3) site measurements logging.

Each model comes complete with print preview, text search, zoom function and the option to export the file to various formats. The information to be included in the page header can be selected time by time simply by choosing between the various standard models available in resources. Likewise, presentation of the bill of materials can be customised, e.g. by including images and symbols to maximise intelligibility.