New FP PRO 10: The revolution of software

In a special preview at the MADE expo 2019 fair, Emmegisoft will present version 10 of FP PRO, the design software for the door and window sector, which boasts of over twenty years of experience at the service of door and window designers. Used by over 6000 companies around the world. This is a true software revolution. The usability and the aesthetics of the software have been improved thanks to a collaboration with an expert in human-computer interaction and a graphics studio. It affects the commission management environment, which is completely renovated, thanks to colour references as well. The number of entries displayed on the screen is limited only by the size of the display or by the filters the user will want to apply each time. 
FP PRO 10 also helps those working on estimates, allowing the user to replace an item with an alternative through a click, in order to quickly provide estimates that offer the client a wide range of solutions to choose from.