Voilàp Holding is established

Cifin Group acquires Imecon Engineering and changes names to Voilàp Holding

The President Valter Caiumi: "Strategic evolution towards Smart Cities"

With the acquisition of Imecon Engineering, the Cifin Group has completed a transformation project outlined and pursued over the course of 10 years, bringing the Group closer to the "city of the future". And it has done so with a new name, "Voilàp holding".

This dual “achievement” was presented on Monday, 17 Septemberduring a press conference organised in Bologna, at the headquarters of Confindustria Emilia – Area Centro. Cifin S.r.l. has acquired 70% of the capital share of Imecon Engineering Srl, a company based in Milan specialised in integrated technological solutions – totems and large displays – supporting retail, information and digital advertising. 

This is yet another step of the evolution of Cifin Group, which has always been oriented towards the digital environment, establishing it as a leading international manufacturing group in design, production and distribution of technologies for the machining of aluminium, PVC and steel profiles, as well as for glass machining. 

A transformation that has taken place in complete harmony with the concepts of the smart industry, with a constant and progressive effort to move closer to the end user, intended to be a sponsor of Industry 4.0. to provide digital solutions that are able to offer the consumer an innovative, simple, easy to access user experience, within an increasingly integrated B2B2C supply chain. With Voilàp Digital, a further step to speed up and simplify the future had already been taken.

Valter Caiumi, Chairman of the Cifin Group, noted: "This acquisition not only reinforces each organisation thanks to the skills and expertise of the founders of Imecon  and their team, but completes this phase of the Group's evolution, positioning it on the leading edge among those who contribute to achieve the results sought after by “smart cities”: smart buildings, solar panels, smart vehicles, traffic areas are just some of the sectors where our technology can be used.  The metamorphosis of the Group also included a natural and planned change of name: from now on Cifin has become Voilàp Holding, a multicultural brand that contains all the brands of the Group, recognising and uniting the differences, elevating it to a new perspective. Thanks to the embrace of technology and experience, of virtual and reality, the Group will continue to develop and pursue goals that are always new and ambitious".

In conjunction with the Press Conference, a new website dedicated to the holding (www.voilapholding.com) as well as renewed versions of all the websites of the Group were released