Software for designing curtain walls.

FP FACADE is an additional module of FP PRO, specifically designed for handling curtain walls. It walks you through the user-friendly design process with graphic definition of type, dimensions, floors, profiles, checking the moment of inertia, all the way through to the generation of costs and materials lists.

Fp Suite Fp Facade Function Emmegisoft
  • Designs traditional semi-structural and structural flat curtain wall, either rectangular or with intermediate angles.
  • Imports projects by CAD.
  • Guides you through selection of type (suspended, flush, supported, hung) and dimensions.
  • Graphically positions floors, stiles and rails.
  • Selects the profile code for components (stiles, spacers, pressure plates, cover plates).
  • Calculates the moment of inertia.
  • Automatically defines the joints on profiles.
  • Applies fittings to joints and floor connections.
  • Defines costs and estimates.
  • Calculates materials lists (profiles, fittings, gaskets, glazing, panels).

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