FP OPTI2D: Software for optimization of surfaces.

FP OPTI2D is an office program, linked to FP PRO, designed to optimize the use of panels, metal sheets and glazing. It guarantees very high levels of optimization and yet is very easy to use.

Fp Suite Fp Opti2D Function Emmegisoft
  • User friendly graphical interface.
  • Handles panels, metal sheets and glazing.
  • Specific functions for aluminum composite panels.
  • Defines the parts to be optimized.
  • Directly uses the panels and glazing lists generated by FP PRO.
  • Imports work lists from Excel and from external calculation programs.
  • Manages the stock of full sheets and short bars.
  • Graphic display and printing of the optimized sheets, with clear indication of the cuts to be made and layout of the workpieces.
  • Provides statistical information on use of the sheets.

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