Management program for door/window makers.

FP GEST is a management program, linked to FP PRO and FP DEALER, specifically designed for the door/window sector. It plans and coordinates the entire corporate production process, scheduling the required activities to be performed by each resource (men and machinery) in order to ensure that the jobs are executed in the set times and following the criteria for organization and efficiency. It includes integrated, advanced management of purchasing, stock and administration. The state of the jobs, the planning, progress and work loads are presented graphically with Gantt diagrams and bar graphs which are easy to consult and interpret.

Manages job orders, purchases, the warehouse and administration.
Manages job orders and plans the entire production process, manages purchasing and the warehouse, connects to FP WORKSHOP, draws up final balances, performs industrial accounting and administrative management.
Fp Suite Fp Gest Job planning and management Emmegisoft
Job planning and management
  • Defines the activity schedule and the company organization.
  • Imports jobs from FP PRO and FP DEALER.
  • Displays the characteristics and current status of the jobs acquired.
  • Plans the activities to be performed by corporate resources.
  • Schedules activities by date, job, department and also issues reminders.
  • Controls activity progress.
Fp Suite Fp Gest Purchasing and stock management Emmegisoft
Purchasing and stock management
  • Multi-supplier management (price lists and discounts).
  • Generates orders for raw materials, contract work and commercial products.
  • Issues purchase orders (checking quantities and values).
  • Manages multiple stocks.
  • Reorders stock and manages batch purchases.
  • Manages the materials used.
  • Manages stock accounting (movement and values).
Fp Suite Fp Gest Production management Emmegisoft
Production management
  • Plans the production phases.
  • Launches production..
  • Checks the progress of production through work reports and FP WORKSHOP.
  • Manages production stops and alarms.
  • Uses final job accounting from FP WORKSHOP.
Fp Suite Fp Gest Final and industrial accounting Emmegisoft
Final and industrial accounting
  • Defines final costs.
  • Performs industrial accounting by job and by cost center.
Fp Suite Fp Gest Administrative management Emmegisoft
Administrative management
  • Manages customers and suppliers (accounting transfers and account statements).
  • Manages loans.
  • Manages credit and debit documents (delivery note, invoices).
  • Keeps track of credit and debit deadlines.
  • Links to accounting management program.

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