Fp Dealer

Software for managing the sale of doors/windows.

FP DEALER is a program linked with FP PRO. It is used to process estimates and orders, starting from predefined price lists. It is targeted towards door/window makers who can work out their own sales lists to define the price grid, technical constraints, standard features and possible variants. As well as internally, The orders are then converted into production-read FP PRO jobs, without any need for paper documents and without ever having to re-enter the information.  FP DEALER can be integrated with VIEW to manage its sales network (showrooms and agents). VIEW is the web application designed to optimize the sales process; It allows you to view, configure, and set the product within a virtual photorealistic viewer, involving motionally the final customer. VIEW is not limited to the aesthetic presentation of the product, but it also simplifies the offers creation and management. For the manufacturer, which does not have its own list, VIEW is available in the CORE version, with price lists and content ready to use, customizable in just a few clicks. Discover VIEW

  • Sectors: aluminum, wood-aluminum, PVC, steel, wood.
  • Type of production: window frames , shutters, doors, front doors, fittings, etc.
  • Type of sales: by the matrix, square meter, linear meter, piece.
Sales lists
  • Processes the list starting from the industrial costs calculated by FP PRO.
  • Compares cost analyses.
  • Defines variants for fittings, treatments, glazing, panels, rails, midrails, etc.
  • Defines the technical constraints.
  • Imports pre-existing lists.
  • Distributes lists to the sales network.
Marketing activities
  • Handles customer registration sheet defining the category, discount levels, payments, etc
  • Consults the lists to quickly calculate the price.
  • Guides you through preparation of estimates choosing style, dimensions, variants, quantities.
  • Prepares several versions of the estimate based on different profile series.
  • Offers user-customizable printing of estimates and orders.
  • Controls the progress in the offer and plans marketing activities.
  • Automatically converts orders into production-ready FP PRO jobs.
  • Handles marketing operator budgets.
  • Runs sales controls and statistics.
Sales network management via the internet
  • Uses B2B (Business-to-Business) technology for an automatic, transparent exchange of information with the sales network over the internet.
  • Receives estimates and orders generated by the sales network.
  • Sends order confirmations to the sales network
  • Sends list price updates to the sales network.

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