Workshop support module

Additional FP PRO WEB module for workshop operator support and production data management. It comprises an administration and configuration module, which monitors production progress through graphic reports, and a module designed to support operators in the various departments of the workshop: cutting, machining, assembly, packing and shipment. It can automatically receive production data (statuses, times) from any suitably equipped machine.

Fp Suite Fp WorkShop  Function Emmegisoft
  • Displays FP PRO job order documentation (paperless workshop)..
  • Displays company documentation (film clips, manuals).
  • Tracks activities performed and signals non-conformance.
  • Compiles production control plans (FPC) and automatically generates of CE marking documents.
  • Prints labels for on-site identification of finished product.
  • Performs registration of finished product with coded labels.
  • Links to FP GEST to generate job order progress reports and schedules.
  • Links to FP PRO for management of finished product registration.
Fp Suite Fp WorkShop Zoomer Optional Module Emmegisoft
Zoomer Optional Module

Optional module allowing display in real-time of the workshop layout, showing statuses of machines and operators on a intuitive synoptic chart.

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