Software for the design and calculation of doors/windows

FP PRO is the main FP SUITE program since it includes the basic functions used by all door/window makers: door/window design, job definition and calculation, analytical estimate, purchasing management, generation of workshop work lists, heat transmission calculation, CE mark management. It comes in 5 versions and is suitable for companies of any size. It is easy to use and employs a user-friendly graphical interface displaying real profiles, multi-joints, sections, 3D styles. It can operate in a network where files are shared over an SQL database.
Designs rectangular doors/windows, calculates materials lists, performs analytical estimates, generates cutting lists, calculates the heat transmission, manages CE labeling.
In addition to the features of START: designs doors/windows with intermediate angles, connects to cutting-off machines, and generates credit documents (delivery note and invoices).
In addition to the features of LT: designs arched doors/windows, displays 3D styles, operates in a network, handles job batches, lists, orders, connects to FP WORKSHOP, connects to Word, Excel, CAD.
In addition to the features of STANDARD: runs processing operations through EASYMAC, connects to machining centers and automated stocks.
In addition to the features of EXECUTIVE: connects to PVC welding/corner cleaning machines and robotized assembly systems; manages trolleys for workpieces and frames.
Fp Suite Fp Pro Design Emmegisoft
  • Uses profiles in aluminum, wood-aluminum, PVC, steel, light alloys
  • Handles casements, sliding windows, shutters, sliding-folding doors, window assembly and curtain walls (through the additional FP FACADE module).
  • Designs rectangular styles, arched styles and styles with intermediate angles.
  • Graphically presents, in DXF format, dimensioned profiles, multi-joints and sections. 3D display of the styles with real colors and dimensions.
  • Manages machining operations with the EASYMAC system to assign fittings to the machining operations defined with FP CAM/CAMPLUS.
Fp Suite Fp Pro Job definition and calculation Emmegisoft
Job definition and calculation
  • Guides entry of styles into the job.
  • Calculates the materials lists for profiles, fittings, glazing, panels.
  • Optimizes bars, short bars and multi-bar management and search for the ideal bar length.
  • Connects to FP OPTI2D to optimize glazing and panels.
  • Connects to FP GEST to handle production.
Fp Suite Fp Pro Calculation of thermal transmittance and management of CE marking Emmegisoft
Calculation of thermal transmittance and management of CE marking
  • Calculates the thermal transmittance with differentiated values for each combination of profiles.
  • Defines the Declaration of Performance and the CE label, indicating the initial type tests (ITT) executed.
  • Defines the factory production control (FPC) plan, listing the checks which may be customized by the type and organized by the phase of production.
Fp Suite Fp Pro Analytical estimate and calculation of lists Emmegisoft
Analytical estimate and calculation of lists
  • Manages the costs for materials, processing times, general expenses.
  • Calculates analytical estimates for projects producing user-customizable printouts.
  • Calculates the price grid and connects to FP DEALER to process and use the sales lists.
Fp Suite Fp Pro Purchasing, stock, document management (for more a thorough treatment, see FP GEST) Emmegisoft
Purchasing, stock, document management (for more a thorough treatment, see FP GEST)
  • Automatically processes supplier orders, checking against inventory.
  • Generates credit documents (delivery note, invoices).
  • Connects to the corporate management and accounting programs.
Fp Suite Fp Pro Work lists for the workshop Emmegisoft
Work lists for the workshop
  • Generates cutting lists for the cutting-off machines.
  • Generates work lists for the machining centers and welding/corner cleaning machines.
  • Trolley management for workpieces and frames.
  • Generates support information for the workshops.
Fp Suite Fp Pro Prints Emmegisoft



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